2015 I founded the ACTRI Company to accomplish my invention, the ACTRI F suspension, which is mounted between the ski and the ski binding and offer this innovation to a broad public. I have been a passionate skier and cannot imagine my life without skiing.


My Background

Being an established medical doctor, sports medic and orthopaedist, every day I encounter people who are not able to practice sports – and especially skiing any more – or not as much as they would like to. The reason: arthritic symptoms in the musculoskeletal system which are augmented by skiing.

Horst Linzmeier

Inventor and CEO of ACTRI
Tel.: +49 (0)171471051
Mail: lh@actri.de


The idea

It all began with a key experience one beautiful morning. On a perfectly prepared ski slope, the transverse grooves were frozen and the hard jolts were pure torture. To prevent these jolts, I slid over the ice trying not to use edges of the ski. That was the moment I decided to transfer the principle of suspension used in cars and motor cycles to a ski. My goal was that nobody would have to give up skiing on hard ski slopes because of joint problems. I was always fascinated by technology. Before I decided to become a doctor, I first started studying air and space technology. After one semester I switched to medicine. But my interest in air and space technology remained and was the basis for the ACTRI F and many other ideas which were also patented.


Cushioned ride

It took some years to develop the suspension. Multiple material tests, configurations and production principles had to be invented, developed, rejected and optimised. By qualified feedback from enthusiastic skiing friends and real professionals, the development of ACTRI F is now completed and the final production has started. The ACTRI F does not only cushion jolts, but also enhances skiing dynamics in such a way that not only the ambitioned amateur, but also the extreme skier (professional racing) experiences a real advantage. Now, at last you can test and buy the suspension.


Do you have any questions?

I you have any questions, please contact me. It will be a pleasure to answer your queries. If you are interested in testing the suspension, please fill out the contact form. The shop is not online yet, but you will soon be able to buy the ACTRI F this way. Any specialist will be able to mount the suspension onto your ski. We offer any assistance if needed. If your local sport shop has not heard of us, we can offer mounting plans, and – if necessary – any assistance. Either send us the address with the contact form or your sport shop can turn directly to us.